What is Psychotherapy?
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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is intended to bring about understanding for and insight into why you feel such despair, and yet are unable to speak about what it is that has such a crippling effect on your daily life. It is a process through which you discover the unknown aspects of your life, and find the capacity for improvement within yourself with the help from the therapist. It involves clarifying the historical factors, such as memories, experiences (both  in  reality and in fantasy), which may contribute to your presenting difficulties, and investigating the anxieties which may connect to these factors. This is why it is necessary to talk to someone who is fully trained so it is safe and secure for you to explore your inner fearful thoughts, unbearable feelings and desperations.

People seek help from psychotherapy with a wide range of difficulties which include:

  • depression
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • relationships
  • loss and bereavement difficulty in coping with life events (changes of job and

environment, illness, redundancy, divorce, family relationships)

  • feeling empty and worthless
  • anger
  • work problems
  • problems with food
  • sexual problems
  • self esteem
  • personal development
  • stress

For more information on psychotherapy, visit United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

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